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Ireland’s Highly Experienced Ear Wax Microsuction Specialist For Children & Adults

Virendra Bamarde, Consultant Audiologist

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Our Testimonials

100% recommended this practice. Seriously money well spent. Had blocked ear due to wax build up and Dr Virendra Bamarde sorted my issue within minutes. Outstanding! Felt great leaving!! Practice ticks all the boxes. Professional, very fast getting back with an appointment, Open 7 days and up 9pm. I don’t think there’s many services out there like it. Outstanding!!!

Stephen H

Now I don`t normally do reviews for a Doctor but hey there is always this one time. From out of nowhere I got a kind of muffled hearing and the usual light tinnitus noise. Found this clinic on the net and went for it. I got an appointment straight out on the same day, no if and but`s. Found a professional clinic and a hands on doctor. Very polite straight forward and reasonable priced service. After ten minutes I was sorted and even my usual tinnitus noise had gone down.....just unreal. Of course I would recommend this clinic any time to any body without hesitation.

klaus foyle

Extremely helpful, efficient and would highly recommend. In and out in 5 minutes and pain free. Excellent 👍

Male with Kid
Dots 77

I brought my son here today after several expensive failed attempts at getting his ears syringed at the gp and countless weeks of drops with no improvement..We were in and out in 15 mins and my sons ears are completely clear of wax for the first time in years..I will never go anywhere else again but here..Such a lovely and professional Dr ..Thank you so much?.I highly recommend this service.

Lisa Quirke

Absolute gent of a man. Very quick and painless procedure. Highly recommend to anybody experiencing hearing loss due to wax build up. I was previously told by my GP that they couldn't remove the wax with irrigation. I was told to come back in 5 days after applying drops several times a day to loosen the wax. This absolute legend had my hearing back to perfect condition in less than 15 minutes. Highly recommend.

Dion O' Sullivan

For a long time I lived with reduced hearing in one ear due to wax buildup. A work colleague recommended that I consult Mr Virendra Bamarde and it was a truly life changing experience. Mr Bamarde was thoroughly professional, patient and kind. I am delighted with my successful outcome and how daily life is so improved with full hearing. I would highly recommended a consultation with Mr Bamarde for anyone coping with hearing issues.

Fionnuala Hartnett

What a great service booked in with the Doc, had been having issues with my ears. Dizziness, hearing loss, nausea all from build up in the inner ear. Highly recommended, I will be definitely be returning once a year. Everyone should have microsuction !!!!

Johnny Houlihan

I had an urgent appointment with Dr Virendra Bamarde to resolve an earwax buildup that caused partial deafness. Dr Bamarde uses micro suction to earwax removal which is much better and, on balance, safer (if a patient has ongoing ear issues) than the water irrigation approach that other practitioners employ and which I've had on two previous occasions. He provides an excellent, efficient and cost-effective service. I cannot recommend him too highly.

Tom Butler

I am very happy I discovered this place . My son was seen within 5 days of booking appointment for ear wax suction . He got on great , excellent customer service and very efficient . Instant improvement , he couldn’t believe how quickly his hearing improved and just to think we could have been waiting 2-3 years for an alternative waiting list while his hearing was impaired . I’m delighted I found you . Thanks again

Lynn Power

I can now understand why there's so many positive Google reviews for this business - the outcome from ear wax microsuction is nothing short of brilliant. Ears were fully blocked and could not hear low voices or whispers - the microsuction fully rectified this and the outcome was HD hearing quality! The gentleman is very professional in his approach, procedure is fully pain free and suitable even for very young children - highly recommended. You can find out more details on how microsuction is carried out on their website: earandhearing.ie

Eoin McCarthy

I cannot recommend the clinic enough. We came here with my elderly father about 18 months ago to get his ears syringed and with their recommendation he was fitted for hearing aids which changed his life and ours. We no longer needed to shout at him instead we could practically whisper. During the first lockdown my father was having issues with his ears and I rang the clinic and they made special arrangements to see him as they were not open at the time. The same thing with batteries they post them out to us regularly and if we have any questions or concerns he is always at the end of the phone. The most helpful respectful and kind man and my family and my father cannot thank him enough for what he did.

Margo Ahern

I have had three different hearing aids to date from various clinics--none of them satisfactory until now. The Reason Why! Dr. Virendra Bamarde has supplied me with my fourth set and they are wonderful and I should have gone to him years ago. My hearing is as close to normal as can be and his after service is excellent. I highly recommend him. James Lawton, Waterford

Laura Martino

Thank you so much for cleaning the wax from my son's ear who is only 2 years old.We have a problem for over a year and a half only in Lithuania we got it cleaned and treated couple of times before,because here in Ireland we couldn’t find one ,we been in a lot of clinics and they would say they don’t do it on such a small kids or we would have to put him to sleep to clean it which I didn’t want to. So I was searching a lot until I found this ear specialist,we derived from county louth to cork just for that,but it was worth it ,doctor cleaned it in few minutes.Absolutely professional very highly recommended.

Inga Bruzaite

What a really great service. I had a foreign object in my ear that was very painful and could not be addressed by Southdoc or rapidly by the Hospitals in Cork so I went here and got a great service ... and on a Sunday! I'm feeling great now... thanks so much!

Peter Ryan

Extremely friendly and humble man. The process to remove the earwax was finished before I even knew it. As mentioned before if you are going to doctors to get the irrigation done i would highly advise against it and instead come here. This was not a process that I have heard of before personally, and as such if any future problems I will be coming back here. Hearing back much better than before. Thank you.

Brian Fahy

I brought my little 4 yr old girl here last week, she had ongoing problems with impacted wax since she was a baby,we tried the drops several times with no great success,at first I was reluctant to try micro-suction as she is so young but thanks to Dr.Virendra's patience and professionalism he successfully removed all the wax from both of her ears.

Marion Hurley

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