Ear & Hearing Clinic

Ear & Hearing clinic is a private independent practice established by Virendra Bamarde, CEO & Consultant Audiologist in Cork, Ireland from 2013.

About Virendra

Virendra has got a bachelor degree in Audiolgy from University of Mumbai, India. He is a member of Irish society of hearing aid audiologist.

During 22 years of clinical experience he has worked in various prominent hospitals in India, Germany & Kuwait.

Since 2006 he has started working in Ireland on a senior position with HSE Cork & University Hospital Waterford.

Virendra is a highly experienced professional Audiologist who provide Hearing Test, Hearing Aid & Ear Wax Removal with a safe and effective professional micro-suction of earwax removal service for both Children & Adult, Microsuction is the safe, gentle & quick wax removal technique.

Our Mission

Tinnitus management, Hearing test & Digital Hearing aid facility are available in the clinic.

The mission of our clinic is to provide patients with an exceptional service to the highest standards.

Start your journey to better hearing today.

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