Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

Your hearing needs protecting in many aspects of your life. If you are exposed to high levels of noise, this can cause noise induced hearing loss, which is irreversible damage to the ears. At our clinic we can provide you with custom-made luxury hearing protection for loud music, shooting, motorbike riders, and for noisy work areas.
Hearing protection can also help swimmers and those wanting a restful night sleep.

How Is The Damage Caused?

Continual loud noise causes damage to the hair cells in the inner ear, the cochlea. These become flattened and over-stimulated leading to permanent irreversible damage of the hearing cells in the inner ear. Everyone is at risk, no matter what your age.

Musician With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss amongst musicians is a sensitive and often emotional subject. Today we are lucky to have access to a variety of hearing aids with the latest cutting edge technology.

Why Should The Earplugs be Custom-Made?

Every person’s ear is a unique shape so having custom made earplugs makes sure that the plugs fit perfectly for the ultimate comfort and noise reduction.

These earplugs will reduce sound evenly, so that the music still remains clear. One-size-fits-all earplugs off the shelf can result in the music sounding muffled.

Custom-made earplugs reduce sound levels evenly across the frequencies making music and speech clear and natural. Specialist earplugs incorporate a filter which means you can still hear your instrument and blend with other instruments. With custom earplugs for musicians, the music is clear, while your hearing is protected.

Loud sounds can cause irreversible damage, so musicians are at risk of overexposure, especially at gigs and concerts. The damage can result in musicians experiencing tinnitus or permanent hearing loss.

Custom earplugs for musicians provide this essential protection, while still allowing you to play, perform and talk as normal.

Even if you aren’t a musician yourself, but a regular festival and concert goer, it is advisable to get your own custom earplugs. Noise levels are harmful at 85 decibels and above. A live concert is around 110-120 decibels but near to the speakers could reach 140 decibels.

If you have ever returned home from a concert with ringing in your ears, that is a warning sign that the volume could be damaging your hearing. Organisers of events sometimes hand out free earplugs at these events.

If noisy neighbours are keeping you awake, or your partner snores, it can be excruciating when you are exhausted and the noise is keeping you awake. Even if you are managing to sleep intermittently in a noisy environment, the quality of your sleep will be poor, and you will wake up feeling tired. This can be the case if you work night shifts and are trying to sleep during the day.

Our custom-made earplugs for sleeping will last you for years.


No, there are no earplugs that will block all noise. This is because the cranial bone transmits vibrations to the eardrum, so you will still hear some loud noises (which is actually important in case of emergency).


Yes. Although it is advisable to always wear swimming ear protection if you are a regular swimmer. Unfortunately the time when people realise they need earplugs is after they suffer from infection, irritation or a perforated eardrum.


Our custom-made swimming earplugs are shaped to fit precisely inside the ear and create a water-tight seal.

You may see some swimmers wear an extra headband too.


Swimmer’s main concerns are that the earplugs might fall out mid swim or they will hurt or be uncomfortable.

That’s why we advise custom-made earplugs for swimmers so that they fit perfectly and even float in the water if dropped!

Off the shelf foam earplugs may be cheap, but they are not always suitable. We advise that you wear medical grade silicone earplugs which are strong and durable and custom moulded to fit the precise shape of your ears.


Custom-made earplugs for swimming will help protect your ears against infections.


Just one single gunshot can cause permanent hearing loss. The sound of a gun firing is one of the most damaging noises there is. It is vital that if you are a member of a shooting club that you wear custom-made earplugs when you shoot.

Those who fire a gun as part of their profession, such as the armed forces or armed police, have custom-made earplugs whenever they shoot.


If you don’t wear earplugs while using a gun, or being at a shooting range, you are at a very high risk of permanent hearing loss and tinnitus.

There are also earplugs with state-of-the-art passive noise filters and also electronic modules which cut out the loud, sharp noise of the gun – that still allow you to talk to others around you. This is both practical and vital for safety when you need to be alerted or hear important instructions.

Everyone needs to wear ear protection when shooting, so whether you have just taken up shooting as a hobby, or you do it as part of your profession, you need high quality earplugs. Even if you think you can get away with a pair off the shelf, the gun noise can seriously damage your hearing over time.

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