Ear Wax Microsuction for Children

Ear Wax Microsuction for children

Leading Ear Wax Removal Clinic

We're a leading microsuctin ear wax removal clinic in CORK & WATERFORD, and we understand that special attention towards your child's ears is essential, especially if they are too young to describe their symptoms.

Warning Signs Your Child's Ear are Blocked

    Redness or soreness around the ear
    Constant pulling or tugging of the ear
    Your child is putting their fingers or objects like pencils/straws into their ears
    Your child is under the weather and has lots of mucus from the nose or throat
    Your child is in pain or irritable
    Your child is not responding to load sounds (like the door slamming shut), or needs the TV louder than usual
    Your child has poor speech compared to other children the same age
    Your child is struggling to concentrate
    There is a brown, sticky substance leaking out of your child's ears

What is Microsuction?

Microsuction is considered the gold standard for treating ear wax blockages and build-up. This very simple and pain-free procedure is seen as the safest and most comfortable method of removing wax from the ear canal. Unlike ear irrigation, no water is required, which means minimal mess, and the procedure only takes a few minutes to complete and, in most cases, relief is instant.

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Simple and Safe Microsuction Ear Cleaning for Children, Performed by Highly experienced Audiologist have over 25 years of experience in ear care for children.

The appointment time is 5-15 minutes, this is to ensure that your child is relaxed and fully at ease at all times.

The microsuction technique itself uses gentle suction to clean your child's ears and is much safer and more comfortable than all other forms of ear cleaning, including syringing and irrigation. A small, thin probe is directed at the ear wax and/or infection in your child's ear canal and then gentle suction is applied to remove the blockage.

With microsuction there is no need for pre-treatment, e.g. olive oil or ear drops.

1. Your child's medical history

2. Examination of the ear canals and ear drums

3. Gentle removal of the ear wax/infection with microsuction unit

4. Re-examination and final checks

5. Better hearing for your child and healthy ears

If it is not possible to clear your child's ears completely at the first sitting, e.g. if there is stubborn wax, or if the ear canal is sensitive, then you and your child can come back to see us for follow ups until the job is done.

We can clear the discharge associated with an ear infection to provide your child with immediate relief. We can also refer to GP or ENT consultant if necessary.

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Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to carry out your diagnostic hearing test in world class soundproof booth for accurate test results.

    Home Visit

    We offers home visit who has difficulty to visit at our clinic.
    We’re happy to visit nursing and residential homes to provide treatment.
    An additional travel fee will be added to the treatment charge.

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