Summertime, a great time of the year!

However, for hearing aids users the summer can bring some elements and issues they need to consider:

  • The sun and hot weather
  • Sweating and humidity
  • Swimming and water
  • Sunscreen and bug spray

To ensure you are fully protecting your hearing aids this summer and for more information on how to do so, read some tips here 👉https://www.oticon.com/blog/summer-hearing-care

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Why use hearing aids?

There are many reasons that hearing aids can hugely benefit your everyday life –socially, professionally and regarding your overall health.

For example, lively places like restaurants are a real challenge for many people with hearing difficulties. They can be challenging for people who hear perfectly too!

Your hearing aids will help you ignore unimportant background noises while concentrating on the most important sounds – such as conversation with your friends and family or speaking with the server.

Get in touch today if you think you could benefit from wearing hearing aids: [ADD CLINIC DETAILS HERE]

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Hearing aids keep the brain fit.

Actively wearing your hearing aids helps to keep you socially engaged – the mental give and take of social interaction stimulates your brain and helps lower your risk of accelerated cognitive decline associated with hearing loss.

For more information on how hearing health is closely related to brain health, take a look here 👉https://bit.ly/3NQxhNn

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We’re here for you!

If you are experiencing problems with your hearing aids, always get in touch with your hearing care professional.

As you become more experienced with your hearing aids, your HCP can adjust them to fit your ears and your lifestyle even better – tell us as much as you can about your experiences, including anything that has seemed strange or unpleasant.

If you don’t yet wear hearing aids, but think you should be, make sure to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Whatever the reason, get in touch with us today: [ENTER CLINIC DETAILS HERE]

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